New Patient Appointment

Thank you for your interest in my practice.

Your first appointment with Dr. Ziegler starts before the intake you schedule below. Upon making the appointment, you will be asked to fill out information, such as past medical history, psychiatric history, and the reason you are wanting to make an appointment. The intake forms take about half an hour to complete. This information is important for Dr. Ziegler to know, and he will review it before your first session. Please have a copy of your photo ID for upload as well as a credit or debit card for payment. You will also be able to upload any relevant labs, files, or medical records.

Your first telemedicine session with Dr. Ziegler will take about an hour. You will be meeting only with me (you will not be passed from secretaries, to students, to medical assistants, to nurses). We will talk about the issues that are leading you to see a psychiatrist, and make a plan for prescribing medications.

Please note that Dr. Ziegler has no employees, and this is a part time practice. This practice does not have on staff a case manager / social worker, psychologist, or nurse. If you may need these supports, it is likely this practice will not be able to meet your needs.

Missed visits or cancelations within 48 hours of appointment will be charged $100 if the appointment time has not been filled by another patient. If the initial intake appointment is missed or canceled late, the appointment will not be rescheduled.

Please note that information submitted through the intake process is secure through IntakeQ and and payment software (Stripe) within the scope of their Privacy Policies. Please call 509-816-4000 or email if you prefer to apply for consultation, schedule, or pay by other means without the use of these software platforms. This scheduling and payment service is provided as an optional convenience.

Due to highly individual needs, all online appointment confirmations are tentative and are not guarantees of service, nor do they establish a new physician-patient relationship. We recommend submitting the application at least 48 hours before the visit so that it may be reviewed and to avoid any last-minute cancelations.

If your web browser has difficulties displaying the calendar (should be seen above this), please click on the button below to schedule your appointment.