Fees and Insurance

Does Dr. Ziegler accept insurance?

Maybe. If you have Aetna, Regence, Optum, Oxford, United Healthcare, Oscar, or Premera, Blue Cross or Blue Shield, we could work with Headway for billing. Please sign up with Headway and they can verify I take your insurance. You can set up your initial appointment on that website.

Private Pay

If insurance is not being used, the initial appointment costs $300. This is between 60-90 minute appointment. Follow up appointments are 20 minutes and cost $200.

Co-pays and Co-insurance payments

I don’t know the details of your insurance plan, and any co-pays and co-insurance is specific to your plan. If you sign up on Headway , you may be able to determine figure out co-pays or have an estimate of how much you need to pay. If I am out of network, I cannot predict how much you will be reimbursed. It is possible that the difference between my fees and what your insurance may pay you back is close to what a co-pay may be for an in-network psychiatrist. If your insurance provides out-of-network benefits, I can provide a super-bill so they may reimburse you for costs.

Other fees

If Dr. Ziegler needs to do anything for you outside of appointments which takes more than a couple minutes (for example, if you send Dr. Ziegler a request for a letter, or a refill request because you did not make an appointment or forgot about your appointment), this will be billed in increments of 15 minutes, at $100 per increment.

How do I pay?

Credit card is the easiest way to pay. If you choose the process of booking an appointment online, a credit card will be required. If you would rather pay by a different method (for example PayPal, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency), send me a message (through the patient portal for existing patients, or through the contact form for new patients)

How do I get reimbursed by my insurance?

  • The specifics will determined by your health insurance plan.
  • Contact your insurance and ask them:
    • “What are my out-of-network benefits?”
    • “How much is my deductible?”
    • “After I meet my deductible, how much will I be reimbursed for each visit?”
    • “Do I have a limit of how many visits I can have?”
    • “How do I submit the superbill my doctor gave me to get reimbursed?”
  • For intakes I usually use the CPT code 99205 + 90838
  • For follow up I usually use CPT codes 99213 + 90833, or 99214 + 90833
  • You can use as app such as Reimbursify which will take a minute and about $3 to submit the claim. Or, you can submit the superbill yourself to your insurance company.